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Con Ed (Part I)

I’m not the shyest one of the bunch, so when I spotted the hot sweaty and sexy Con Ed man hard at work on the city streets I had no choice but to make a B line for him. He had dazzling blue eyes and a charming smile. We quickly exchanged numbers and I went on my merry way. Done and Done!

Beep beep… A message from Con Ed already and I’m not even a block away, how creepy sweet . I’m usually used to the whole 2 day rule before a guy calls but what the hell, I’m all about being more available these days right? He asked me a couple of general questions and after a couple of days and establishing he wasn’t totally crazy we finally set up a day to do drinks.
Now you’ll come to learn that I’ve got a low tolerance for what I consider to be silly or stupid questions. I’m a “figure it out get shit done” kinda gal, so the moment Con Ed asked me to pick the location and a time to meet, give him the address and directions (that’s why god invented Mapquest, Hopstop and Google) and tell him what should be appropriate to wear, my red flags went up…. But again being more “open” I went into this date with all smiles. He was super charming and we had lots in common so I had my 3 drink date max and headed on my merry way with a long hug goodbye.

The next couple of days were filled with general “how are you” “how’s your day” texts until he finally asked me on a second date. He asked me to hang out after I got off work so I suggested dinner… His reply “Oh that’s right I almost forgot how much you lovvvveee to eat” Did he just call me fat?
Open L.O.L.A., you’re being more open… Ok

Me: Umm ok well if you have a better idea than you choose, I’m a bit swamped at work so I’ll give you some time to pick a place and I’ll give you a call when I’m a little less busy.

CE: Well whatever you want to do I’m ok with.  Sorry to hear you’re so busy, is there anything I can do to help?”

Me: Not really unless you want to come by and fax and file some stuff but thanks for offering. Lots going on here so I can’t really plan anything. So please just pick a time and place and I’ll meet you there.

CE: where do you work? How about I pick you up after work and you can tell me what you’d like to do then.

HUH? Did I miss something? Am I the only one noticing this pattern…
At this point I start to become a bit annoyed for several reasons:
1) I asked several times for him to decide on something to do, basically lining it up for him, giving him the opportunity to wow me with a nice dinner date and he keeps throwing the ball right back at me with his “whatever you’d like”. I immediately have flash backs to “Coming to America” where Eddie Murphy is given a servant as a wife to do everything he asks and some how she ends up barking like a dog as she hops on one foot saying “whatever you like I like”
2) I said I wanted to do dinner Just pick a damn place! Be a man! Take charge!
3) I’m at work, which usually has me extremely busy so chit chatting during the day isn’t really an option, and yet some how this one has managed to keep yapping about 6 texts too long.

I finally decide to stop replying since "I’m pretty busy here I’ll text you when its more quiet" doesn’t mean much to Con Ed.  So I put my phone away and get on the grind so that hopefully I can leave work at a decent time.

My day begins to finally quiet down, so I grab my phone and see that I have 6 texts and 2 missed calls.
"Hey hun, how are you"
"Hey hun are you there?"
"Hun Can you Talk",
"Would it be better if I called you hun?"
"Is everything okay hun?"
 And then when I didn’t reply to these texts he then proceeds to call me… Twice! Leaving one voice mail pleading for me to call him back to let him know I’m ok.
Now keep in mind, this is all happening over the course of about an hour. So I could easily have been in a meeting, on a conference call, running an errand and yet Con Ed still continues to stalk me by any means necessary.

After his back and forth, indecisiveness, reading all of these texts and hearing his desperation over the phone… I’m officially turned off for the day…

To Be Continued…