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Changing Names by Apple Brown Betty

2008 was a long and not so great year; a lot of the years have been looking that way for a while, well in reference to relationships. So when 2009 came around I wished and hoped and prayed for something different; and that’s what I got.

A few days into the New Year 2009, I attended a party of this older gentleman who was courting me as his trophy wife (but that’s another story). As my friends and I arrived to the venue, I debated whether or not I wanted to let him know I was there; I mean my home girl was in town and  I wanted to her to have a good time.

As we joined the line a group of guys were on line and offered us some passes. I was happy and took that as a sign not to hit up Grandpa. The guy that handed me my pass was cute; he gave me that pass and that million dollar smile and I was like AOOOWWWW he is getting at least two dances tonight.

Fast forward to later on in the evening, my friends and I found ourselves in VIP, with no bottle service, lol; right across from my Pass Boo who clearly came out to drink that night. He toasts me with he glass of Henny and offers me a glass, from across the room. I declined and continued to have a good time with my friends.

(I am totally not into coming to you homie, you come to me!)

While dancing and enjoying myself in VIP with my friends, and no bottle service across from my Pass Boo, (who has been watching me ALL night), here comes Grandpa.

(This is the older guy that wants me to be the PYT (pretty young thing) on his arm, at his events.)

Grandpa, gets bottle service and invades my table with his liquor, ice and juice. He offers drinks to my friends and I. I decline, but my friends help themselves.

He’s asking me: ‘Why I don’t call him?’ and ‘Why I didn’t tell him I was going to be here?’ and ‘What he would have set up for me if I did’, blah blah blah. I cut the convo with him short and took a walk. Pass boo sees this as his opportunity.

Pass boo: I see you’re popular with the guys. Why are you turning everyone down?

Me: Because I can.

We then proceed to talk; he tells me that he is in the army and may have to leave to Iraq when he goes back to base in a couple days.

I look at him funny, thinking: “Dude, you trying to have sex with me before you so call go off to war, WTF ever”.

I suppose he sees the disgust in my face and cleans it up by saying that we will be getting to know each other via the internet. He then tells me his age, he is younger than me OMG and I thought this guy was older than I was. He thought I was younger than him. He was very mature and a gentleman even in his posture, which must have been the army in him.

We exchanged numbers and Pass Boo becomes Solider Boy.

Solider boy and I spoke everyday. It turns out he wasn’t going away, (Sign number 1). He called to wake me up every morning and called dinner time, like clock work. He was cool, and predictable which was a pleasant departure from the normal “mysterious” guy.

I find out he has a child; I like kids so it is not a deal breaker for me. But his son was only 5 months; yes 5 months! This child is fresh out the womb.

So of course my question was: ‘Where is your baby mother?

Solider boy now BabyMamaDrama, replies: ‘She is not in the picture. She and I were just friends who had sex and she ended up pregnant. She wanted to keep it and I’m taking care of my child. I love my son.’

Me:  Well you must also love the women that gave him to you.

BabyMamaDrama: No she and I were and still are just friends

Me: You live with her?

BabyMamaDrama: I live with my brother

Me: You live with her?

BabyMamaDrama: No

Me: Hmpf

I cut the convo short because, he and I had been talking on the phone for a while and he never mentioned the child. You love your son so much you forget him.?!?!

I stop taking his calls for a week or so deciding if I hould even bother entertaining him. Then he leaves a message telling me that he will be in NY/NJ area that weekend, he was based in Maryland, and if I would meet him for dinner. Of course I said yes. (I love my belly,J!)

So, I pick him up from Penn Station and he was looking all good in his fatigues, that damn uniform. (This was actually our second date; first date was food, talking, laughing, and his friends). . He changes his clothes in my car, because he clearly wanted me to see him in his uniform, since I hadn’t in the 2 months I’ve “known” him, and we get some dinner at this restaurant in flat iron.

Dinner was nice, food was good, conversation was flowing well, dessert and hot beverages. After dinner he’s tells me that he wants to spend some time with me, I laugh and say you can see me tomorrow.

BabyMamaDrama: No I want to spend to night with you, I mean not like that; I think we need to talk

Me: (While looking at him funny) Well it’s late and nothing is open where we can have a private conversation, short of my car.

BabyMamaDrama: Fine let’s go to my house

Me: Please I am not going to Jersey

BabyMamaDrama: Fine let’s go to a hotel, that way I don’t have to go to Jersey in the middle of the night

Me: As long as you know, I’m not having sex with you. I’ll fine.

We get to one of the newer mid-block hotels in mid-town and get a room. We go up to the room and we begin to talk about why he lied, by omission, about having a child. The conversation was me sitting on the night table and him sitting on the bed. While pleading for me to understand that he likes me and didn’t know how I would take him having a child that was so young. And I softened up a little, just enough for him to see the window of opportunity to kiss me. And oh did he kiss me, of course I fought him to stop at first, I was still mad at him. But he was persistent and I eventually gave into his juicy lips.

All of a sudden I was on the bed; I don’t know how I got there, lol. He was all over me; it was getting to be too much for me. I had to stop it. I wasn’t comfortable with his situation and knew I would regret it if anything happened. He pleaded of course, please just let it happen, I’m “ready”.  I just got off the bed and sat at the desk for a while thinking to myself, how do these jerks find me.

He comes over to the desk and asks me politely; can you at least lie in the bed next to me, I’ll leave you alone.

I told BabyMamaDrama that if he tried anything he would regret it. I had already made up my mind about him. I lay next to him and he keeps looking at me, so I turn my back to him, he spoons me for a little and says, “I come home to see you and you treat me like this? You can’t even look at me? I could have gone home to my WIFE”.

My reaction: your ….? Speechless. I put on my shoes and coat and leave!!!! Thinking OMG, I’M THE OTHER WOMAN!

I delete him out of my life, well my social networking life.

Of course he calls (he better). He calls and calls and calls. When I finally decide to call back, I don’t get him. Realized that he has left for Germany after reading his short email. I didn’t respond.

After a few months, he sends me a friend request on Facebook. I accepted, but after a while, I deleted him again. I don’t need an extra jerk in my life.