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Cheapskate Charlie…

He’s the guy that all my friends liked, but he didn’t like anyone and yet, he liked me. 
He was very good looking, fit and just an all over nice guy…but one of my biggest turnoffs, he was cheap and I don’t mean “I don’t have money, so can we go dutch?”. No, he was the kind of guy that saved his whole check, went shopping all the time, lived at home with moms, traveled and lived what seemed to be the good life.  So what was the problem?

Listen, I’m not opposed to going dutch after a certain point during the relationship…HELL, I don’t even mind treating him to dinner…but if you’re cheap off the bat, nothing will send me running for the hills quicker than that…there’s no remedy in the world for that disease.

The first time we hung out, I didn’t actually think he liked me.  I thought he just wanted to chill as friends, since we had mutual friends…he wanted to go shopping because he thought I had a good sense of style and could offer a good opinion…after a few hours of walking around and only buying ONE SHIRT (that I didn’t even give my opinion on…lol), we nded up a nice restaurant that I often went too.  It was a nice time and when the bill came we went totally dutch…which I didn’t mind, since it wasn’t a date.

We started talking more often and I sensed that he was starting to like me, which was cool considering that I thought he was actually very nice…

He asked me to hang out again and after we went to the movies, we ended up at a dinner.  Great laughs, good times…then the dreaded bill…so now that it was obvious that he liked me, what was he going to do? Surely enough, he said “its $18.54 each.” I died, I gave him the $20 and just shook my head…this was the beginning to the  

We got to the train station and it turned out his train was closer than mine.  He didn’t even offer to walk me to my station. I just laughed it off and kept it moving.  He then texted me and apologized for not having walked me…I guess not all was lost…

We went on a few more dates, in which we went dutch.  I was starting to question whether he was actually interested.  I come from the school that if a man wants to court you he will do so by not only spending time with you but by offering to take you out and paying for you, AT LEAST until the courting stage was over and you were in a relationship…

I decided to test him.  On one of our dates, we went to a diner and when the bill came, as oppose to doing what I was already accustomed to with him, taking out my wallet and pulling out money, I let it sit there…and sit there it did. He didn’t touch it and as I grew more and more nervous, hoping that he’d pick up the tab, so he could prove to me he wasn’t a cheapskate…it continued to sit there…I was DYING to just take out my card and pay for it, but I needed to prove a point.  ::He is not a cheapskate, he is NOT a cheapskate, he is NOT a cheapskate:: I kept chanting to myself…surely enough after about half an hour of sitting there, he finally took the bill, looked it over and paid for it.  I sighed with relief…but satisfaction didn’t last too long.

We decided to hit up Pinkberry after dinner and as I’m waiting for my our fro-yog to be handed to us, he turns to me and says in a matter of fact tone, "you got money to pay?" I told him I did, and he grabbed the fro-yogs and walked to the back of the line…I didn’t know what to say to that…I always carry money, but who says that? I paid for the fro-yog and was completely turned off to the point where he could tell that my demeanor had changed.  I didn’t care about paying for the damn yogurt, but did you HAVE to ask me whether I had money?!?!  Ugh.

He calls me up one night and asks me to be his date to his friend’s birthday party.  I agreed to go.  The night of the party, I had been in a funky mood all day and really didn’t feel like going out, but I sucked it up, dolled myself up and headed out to the venue.  When I get there, the first thing that comes out of his mouth is "someone’s overdressed for the occasion"…I was shocked. Did he just tell me I was overdressed???? Here I was, nice enough to be his "date" to what seemed to be a sausage fest of a party out of my element at this corny ass lounge and this guy tells me "you’re overdressed."  There was no, thanks for coming or you look nice…nothing. I knew I should’ve gone straight home, but I headed straight to the bar, I needed a drink.

He comes over to the bar and asks me what I’m going to order…

Me:  Whiskey and Ginger Ale

Him: Oh, sounds good.

Me:  Yea, I love it.

(Bartendar hands me my drink, but leaves to attend to another patron before I could pay him…)

Him: I’ll catch you in a bit (and he walks away)…

He didn’t even bother to offer to pay for my drink.  But then again, I wasn’t surprised. 
I go back to where he’s dancing with his friends and I try to loosen up and have a good time…before you know it, it was time for Drink #2.

I get my drink and head back to where he is.  

He starts dancing up on me and grabs my hand and pulls my drink towards him and start sipping from my straw…

WTF was this Mofo doing?? So not only did he invite me out as his ”date,” and not even offer me a drink, but now he was standing there sipping from the drink that I BOUGHT…was he serious??!! 

That was the last straw.  

I kept on dancing and pretending to have a good time, when the night was over…I was out. 

I spoke to him a few times after that, but it was pretty much done for after that.  

We talk occasionally but I never hung out with him again…

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